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3 Major Industries That Require Expedited Shipping

Sometimes packages need to be shipped faster than usual, and that’s when expedited shipping may come in handy. Expedited shipping typically involves using a faster mode of transportation such as air or express shipping services to deliver packages within a shorter time frame. Surely, it can be more expensive than standard shipping options but some businesses crucially need them. In this article, we are going to explore more details about expedited freight and who benefits from this. 

What is Expedited Freight, and Who Uses it?

In general, expedited freight is extremely beneficial to nearly all businesses; however, some industries require it far more. Sometimes shipping is extremely time-sensitive, high-value, and the package is critical for the recipient. These industries typically include healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Seasonal Industry

Seasonal businesses, such as agricultural, may require faster delivery services when demand is at its peak. These companies typically have a limited amount of time to sell their products, and any delay in delivery could result in missed opportunities and lost revenue.

For example, during the holiday season, retailers may need to quickly replenish their inventory of holiday decorations to meet customer demand. In this case, expedited freight comes in handy, allowing fast meeting of customers’ demands.

Similarly to this, the agriculture sector can need expedited shipping services during the harvest when fresh goods need to be delivered immediately. In this case, delayed delivery may result in spoiled goods and farmers losing revenue. 

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is another industry that needs rapid transportation. A just-in-time inventory system is frequently used by industrial businesses to lower storage costs and boost productivity. As a result, production-related parts and raw materials must be bought and delivered on short notice, frequently requiring expedited delivery. 

Consequently, any delay may result in product failure, lost revenue, and missed deadlines. Moreover, sometimes manufacturers need to send final products faster than usual when they offer customized services. 

E-Commerce Industry

To meet client expectations for delivery and ensure satisfied customers, the e-commerce sector may also need Polo 4PL’s expedited shipping services. Offering specialized services like same-day or next-day shipment might be lucrative for e-commerce businesses despite the increased shipping prices. 

Also, as clients expect quick and dependable shipping alternatives for cross-border e-commerce, expedited shipping may be necessary for international deliveries. E-commerce companies can satisfy these demands and grow their clientele by using fast shipping.

Benefits From Third-Party Logistics

Generally, using third-party logistics (3PL) services for quicker shipment has the following unique benefits:

Faster Delivery

3PL companies have the know-how and assets to speed up the shipment and deliver goods more quickly than using traditional shipping techniques. To guarantee prompt delivery, they might make use of their infrastructure, technology, and carrier network.

Lower Shipping Expenses 

To lower shipping costs, 3PL providers frequently have rates negotiated with carriers. They can also combine shipments. Businesses may benefit from cost savings on faster shipping as a result.


Providers of 3PL services provide adaptable solutions that can handle unforeseen or urgent shipping needs. Companies can modify their offerings to accommodate particular shipping requirements, such as same-day or next-day delivery.

Let Polo 4PL be your expedited shipper right away if your business needs a shipment to be delivered as soon as possible to its destination. Reach out to us so we can assist you!

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