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Logistics Companies in California

Are you searching for a reliable logistic company to manage the transportation and delivery of your goods?
Finding a reputable and responsible logistics partner can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a successful freight journey for your products. Polo 4PL is one of the leading logistics companies in California that ensures all your delivery needs.

Logistics services for large and small businesses in California

California businesses, both big and small, can avail the support they need to run their operations smoothly with logistics tailored just for them! Here are some of them:


We receive, hold, and ship out products on behalf of our clients. A product is often stored at a warehouse or moved among several warehouses before being distributed.


Drayage moves an order from a port to a warehouse for storage, and may also be needed for freight delivery. No matter what is going on in the market, it is our responsibility to ensure that orders are sent promptly.

How to Choose the Best Logistic Company in California

How you select the best from the available companies will affect the outcome of your business strategies. They are the key to satisfying your customer’s needs for reliable and quick deliveries. However, finding the right one can be pretty difficult.
To help you out, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a logistic partner for your business:


The first thing you need to consider is the quality they’re providing at what price.

Figure out what you need for your business and then verify whether the logistic partner provides everything or not. Then, finally, decide on the price. Also, make sure that the pricing is transparent with no hidden charges.


Companies specialize in their areas and deliveries of shipments. When you contact them, ask them about the areas in which they are specialized. For example, some companies specialize in residential cargo while others specialize in commercial shipments.

Customer Support

Customer service is important to ensure you can track your consignment and get your queries answered anytime you want. Make sure they offer 24 hours customer service.

We Provide High-quality Services


We provide highly affordable and flexible warehousing. We offer safe and secure storage for your products and enable you to deliver the same to your customers at the right time.


OTR transportation refers to over the road cargo shipping. Choosing the right provider enables you to get your stock delivered safely to your destination.


A freight broker is a middleman that connects shippers with carriers. The brokers don't take possession of the shipment but arrange communication between both parties. Streamlined communication ensures safe and timely shipment of the freight.

Cross Docking

Cross Dock removes the storage link from the supply chain to make your products reach their destination as soon as possible. With cross dock, there is no need to store your products in a warehouse as your shipment is unloaded and directly loaded in the truck for further journey.


Palletizing is the process followed by logistic companies to arrange the goods on pallets to improve and facilitate a later shipment. We deliver palletization for commercial products to ensure that your stuff is safely packed and delivered.


Sometimes a shipment may not be delivered on the first attempt due to any reason. Redelivery is a process to deliver your package on the second attempt. Make sure to hire a partner that offers the redelivery.

Local Pickups

Local pickups are always challenging due to city traffic. You need a reliable provider to get your stuff shipped within a city. We deliver fast and affordable local pickups in Los Angeles County.

Why Choose Polo 4PL?

Polo 4PL is a well-established company in California that delivers quality to businesses and organizations. We provide cutting-edge supply chain management to organizations and deliver your stuff promptly. With no extra or hidden fee, we offer various payment options and high-quality customer support to answer your queries. With a skilled team of professionals and years of experience in supply chain management, you can trust us for all your freight requirements.

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Rated one of the best service providers for shipping, transportation, and logistics requirements. We provide high-quality services in each sector including Warehousing, Drayage, OTR, Brokerage, Finance, etc.

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