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Cross Docking Services

Cross-Dock Services

Cross Docking is a complicated service as it involves the removal of the storage link from the supply chain. As there is no involvement of a storage unit, the shipment is unloaded from the source and directly loaded on the outbound trucks for the further journey.
We ensure that your products reach their destination earliest possible and spend significantly less or no time in the warehouse. Your inventory handling and the cost of storage are reduced to a great extent since the need for stocking is eliminated.
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Here are the services that Polo 4PL provides under the shipping process:

Cross docking

Cross-docking is often helpful in shipping products to businesses that are in demand throughout the year. Polo 4PL’s cross-docking service is known for its fueled-up warehouse operations, which ensures the lightning-fast shipment of your cargo.

Cold and Dry storage

When shipping fresh or frozen foods, the primary concern of the business personnel is to preserve food from going bad. Often due to a lack of proper storage facility, these items rot, and the owner has to bear the loss of thousands of dollars. At Polo 4PL, we promise your products will be shipped in the best condition as we are equipped with cold and dry storage.

Cold storage is often utilized to increase the shelf life of fresh and frozen foods. Polo 4PL provides you with the facility of both a refrigerator and a freezer facility.

High-risk foods must be kept under 5 degrees Celsius until consumption in order to avoid bacterial contamination. Apart from those, frozen foods are recommended to be kept under –18 degree Celsius.

Dry storage facilities at Polo 4PL consist of warehouses and rooms with specific temperature, air, and lighting levels. All these facilities are monitored, ensuring the environment remains free from contamination, moisture, and damage.

At Polo 4PL, dry and cold storage facilities are utilized to store perishable goods for a longer time and are a crucial part of the food distribution network.

Regional distribution

Polo 4PL takes responsibility for the regional distribution of your cargo. We ensure that it is stored in a facility fixed with equipment or machinery that could be used to store, receive, and distribute materials and goods.

A widespread network of fulfillment centers, advanced technology, and out-of-the-world technology help you better utilize your cargo. We can provide the best regional distribution and fulfillment for brands with the potential for success.

We at Polo 4PL provide you with a widespread network of fulfillment centers that have their hands on all of the USA.

Refrigerated deliveries

Polo 4PL also possesses cargo container and Reefer units that are equipped with cooling. These are used to transport perishable goods at a controlled temperature. The best examples include fruit, meat, vegetables, dairy products, and other such items.


The team of Polo 4PL eliminates every problem a businessman could face during shipping. You have the issues of speed, inexperienced team, or budget, every concern of a merchant is always taken care of:


Polo 4PL ensures the maintenance of quality even with speed. With services like cross-dock, we ensure to conclude every project we provide precisely but in the least time required. The lighting speed service might convince you that there must be some compromise in our favor.


Rigidity and stubbornness is not part of the Polo 4PL service's dictionary. We are available to give your preferred time an ear, which is why almost every customer of Polo 4PL has written a positive review about us.

Highly experienced team

We have staff who are highly skilled and trained for the core team. An individual can only be part of our team if he matches certain criteria and has undergone specific training.

Reduce transportation costs

Our services, like Cross-docking, help our clients save a tremendous amount of time. Even if warehousing is required, we promise that the process will be fast and hustle-free. With the support of the warehouse operations, it is ensured that the process has been boosted.

Customer Service

If any problem is faced during, before, or after the shipping, don’t shy away from ringing our 24/7 customer support line. Our customer support is highly cooperative and has the expertise to solve shipping-related issues. If you are still facing issues, simply email us at info@Polo4PL.com. We give equal importance to every mail, whether the issue is major or minor, and don’t leave your side till the issue has been plugged off from its roots.

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