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When transportation is aimed to be quick and cost-effective, cross-docking comes in handy. First off, the loads are directly transferred from one transportation means to another. This enables effective time management and saving money on storage expenses. In fact, the cross-docking service also includes short-term warehousing, but it’s fairly different from the main type. For receiving and staging incoming shipments, the warehouse often includes a sizable open floor plan and for outgoing shipments, a loading dock area is also included. The warehouse may additionally feature spaces for sorting and processing.
In Chicago, there are many businesses that specialize in cross-docking, but Polo 4PL is one of the most significant ones. We value customer satisfaction and aim to offer our customers the best options to choose from.

Cross Docking

As we’ve already mentioned Chicago is a key location for the transportation of products across the nation. Hence, companies can take advantage of Chicago’s advantageous position by streamlining their supply chains and reducing transportation costs through cross-docking activities. Additionally, by eliminating the need to store goods in a traditional warehouse, organizations using Polo 4PL can reduce the risk of product damage and save money on inventory holding costs.
Some of the common services that Polo 4PL offers as a Chicago cross-docking company include:

Receiving and Classifying

Polo 4PL cross-docking service takes shipments from suppliers and arranges them in accordance with shipping requirements and destination requirements.

Storage and Staging

Polo 4PL has cross-docking warehouses with storage and staging rooms for temporarily holding goods before they are loaded onto departing trucks.

Product Handling

Labeling, repackaging, and palletizing are a few of the services that we offer during the cross-docking process.


Additionally, we provide transportation services to transfer goods from their facility to their final location utilizing either their own trucks or joint ventures with outside carriers.

Tracking and reporting

We provide tracking and reporting services to help our clients keep track of the progress of their shipments and spot areas where their supply chain processes could be improved.


At Polo 4PL, we value our customers’ time and money and put stress on any service that helps us preserve them both. We control the loads so they reach their destination promptly, damage-free, and affordably. In most cases, if an inbound shipment arrives at a cross-docking facility in Chicago but the outbound truck that will deliver the goods to their final location is not available for several hours or even days, warehousing may be required to hold the goods temporarily until the outbound truck is ready.

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