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Millions of cargo containers flow through Minnesota each month, making it a vital port for drayage shipping in the US. Yet, the logistics processes required for drayage transportation might be difficult due to factors including higher rules and road congestion. With comprehensive logistics management, enhanced effectiveness, flexibility, improved supply chain visibility, and committed support, Polo 4PL can help companies streamline their logistical processes. Contact Polo 4PL’s expert staff today to find out more about how they can help you with your Minnesota drayage shipping needs.
Minnesota’s ports are quite busy all year long and the statistics show a higher increase in the drayage shipping percentages. This really impacts the port work as well, but, on the other hand, launches a large amount of new companies.
Nothing is simple, though, and the logistical processes themselves bring several difficulties. The first consideration is traffic congestion. Daily, heavy freight traffic in and out of the port results in a considerable amount of hold-ups and protracted wait times. The city’s air is also quite filthy, which leads to stricter regulations on drayage vehicles, which can raise the cost and complexity of the shipment.

Benefits of Polo 4PL

Our team of experts is fully aware of the challenges involved in Minnesota drayage shipping and is ready to assist you in streamlining your supply chain. We value our customers and do our best to preserve the quality of your products while they are delivered on time and cost-effectively. Below you can find the benefits we offer our clients:

Full logistics management and Increased efficiency

Together with providing drayage services, we also assist you with storage, transportation, and supply chain visibility. Moreover, we offer all-inclusive logistics management while you focus on the core elements of your organization.


We are by your side at all times and work with you to develop specialized logistical options that enable us to adjust the scale as necessary.

Higher Level Customer Service

We are available to you around the clock and swiftly address any issues or suggestions.

Supply Chain Visibility

We provide our clients with entire supply chain insight using cutting-edge technology, so they always know when and what to expect.

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