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Palletizing Services

Palletizing Services

Palletizing means arranging goods on pallets so that it improves and facilitates later shipment. The arrangement of goods on a pallet usually happens in a specific order. Polo 4PL’s palletization services are curated for the safe and secure loading and unloading of cargo. Our services also include fumigation in order to control pests, preventing shipment from any possible damage. Each pallet is accurately packed in the crosswise and lengthwise directions, each in correspondence with the internal container length, width, and height fractions. Palletized consignments are labeled appropriately, so they don’t get mixed up with others.
Polo 4PL offers export palletization services for a massive range of commercial and industrial products for export. The goods are palletized according to the needs and requirements and are customized according to various factors like; quantity, fragility, etc., of the shipment. The company will build custom pallets for shipments that do not require additional packaging. We ensure the utilization of quality material in the process to maintain adequate storage in warehousing and transportation of cargo. Our highly trained professionals have tremendous experience delivering these services successfully within the promised time frame.
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What Does Palletizing & Shipping Service Include?

Palletizing the goods does not mean simply arranging their interests in a specific manner. Instead, it includes several elements that together conclude the process. These elements include:
Heat-shrinking: Heat shrinking tightly seals the protective layer around the palletized goods, which isolates the cargo from dirt and other external factors.
Your goods, for example, stored without such protection can get affected by sunlight, rain, or any such element which can cause the goods significant damage. By securing your cargo and pallets, you can create a stable unit that is easier to store, handle and stack.
Polo 4PL offers different types of heat shrink films from which you can choose the perfect one for your products. You can also give a distinct appearance to your cargo which is recognized by wrapping a colored film offered by us around your goods.
Stretch wrapping: Under this process, the products are wrapped with a stretchable plastic film made of LLDPE linear low-density polyethylene. This elastic wrap keeps the products tightly bound inside the wrap, which secures them from each other and the pallets they are kept on.
Packaging and repackaging in chipboard or corrugated cartons: While packing and repacking your products, your products Polo 4PL provides you with two options: get your cargo packed up in chipboard or corrugated cartons. So, which should you choose? Well, this depends on by what method you are shipping your product? For example: if your shipment is taking place via truck or any other road transport vehicle, the recommended packaging would be corrugated cartons. This is because there would be a lot of bumps and jerks on the road, which makes your cargo vulnerable to damage. However, when getting your products shipped through the sea, you should always go for chipboards, as they are lightweight and could easily be moved around, which ultimately reduces the time and effort required to carry out this shipment.

Examples of Items

Multiple boxes for local or cross-country moves:

While moving your shipment across international waters or borders, we ensure not to force-stuff all your cargo inside a single box. Instead, we carefully place your products in multiple stocks into various boxes to ensure the safe transportation of your stuff.

Heavy equipment

Shipping a piece of heavy equipment could be challenging only if you do not hire Polo 4PL. For us, it’s just like any other shipment project.

Heavy, non-fragile items from an estate or household move

Although moving a non-fragile object is that big of a challenge, the weight of that object could act like a barrier. We ensure that estate products, whether fragile or not, get delivered without a scratch.

Vehicle engines

Not every shipment company can be trusted when you want your vehicle engines to get shipped. Vehicle engines are often quite vulnerable to rust or other damages done by water; hence, Polo 4PL ensures that the engines are packed in leakage-proof containers so that the water or any foreign material cannot sneak in.

Electronic items

Want to get your electronic items shipped? Don’t look any further than Polo 4PL, as it would be a waste of time, and there is hardly any better shipment service than Polo 4PL.

Medical equipment

We are equipped with special refrigerated trucks and reefer ships to ship your medical and other perishable goods. This ensures that all your products are in their best condition when they reach their destination port.


If we were to talk about the advantages you would receive while working with us, the list is pretty long. However, the following will discuss some major of them:

Security and protection of your shipments

Our experts ensure to wrap up your cargo in the best possible packing material. All your products getting shipped through Polo 4PL are insured, and the claim process is quick and effortless. Although damages are pretty rare with Polo 4PL, even if mishaps happen, you don’t have to bear any financial loss.

Before being carefully palletized and loaded for shipping

Even when your goods are kept in our warehouses, extreme care is taken off your equipment. All your cargo is wrapped and palletized in the most favorable conditions while ensuring the proper arrangements of the goods.

Online proof of delivery

You’ll receive a notification after every process; also, you can track your order with the help of the online link provided by us.

Customer Service

Palletizing systems and practices include:

Why Choose Polo 4PL

The reasons to choose Polo 4PL include:

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