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Redelivery Services

Redelivery is a reattempt by the shipping company to get your cargo delivered in case the first delivery attempt fails due to some unfavorable scenarios. The need for redelivery may also arise in case you want your goods to get delivered to a facility other than the present one. There could be various reasons contributing to the failure of the first delivery attempt, including; The receiver being unavailable at the port, some unexpected circumstances, or natural or government barriers. Regardless of the reason, Polo 4pL ensures that even if you miss the initial delivery, a new delivery is scheduled as per the comfort and preferences of the user. Overall, redelivery takes place after a shipping company fails to deliver a product in the initial attempt.
At Polo 4PL, the redelivery of freight comes under our expertise. Under any circumstances, where you might need to get freight redelivered to another facility, we jump in to execute pick up to delivery for you. Our warehouse partners are spread all around the USA. Your freight will be secured, tracked, and handled with professional care to avoid any issues.
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Our team is 24/7 with direct customer relations to get you the redelivery service that is needed. Contact us directly via phone call or email to receive fast and responsive turn around on any redelivery needed. We understand that every minute counts when it comes to our clients’ freight.
At Polo 4PL, we provide you with several options which you could utilize in order to reschedule your delivery or opt for redelivery and make up for the failed attempt. Since our customer service is available 24/7, you can easily request for this service by calling our customer care executive and providing them with the required details. Once you have successfully called and placed your request, it will go under process, and after verifying all the details, your phone will ring up with a confirmation call.
The second method involves sending out an email that contains your order number and the scheduling request for re-delivery. Once our representatives receive your email, they will immediately process it and ring you back. When you receive the callback, please provide them with a detailed explanation and your desired day and time for delivery. Your order will be confirmed after some time, and you will be provided with a confirmation message and tracking ID, through which you can keep an eye on the journey of your cargo.

Why Choose Us 

As mentioned above, one of the most crucial reasons to hire us for handling your logistics is our ability to provide you with the option of redelivery. However, the advantages of hiring us are not just limited to this facility only; other pros include:

Availability of on time services

While availability of service may seem to our clients as a straightforward process, we support various companies with complex supply chains; however, this does not stop us from being available to regularly pick up your items. This implies that we have a well-organized network of distributors and local fulfillment centers. We also have customization options available for our clients, where the services could be customized according to their preferences and comfort.

Best ROI

If you opt for our services, you would never be left with the feeling that you have been scammed. We provide you value for every single penny you pay to us. However, our affordable pricing does not imply poor quality of services.


We are aware that insurance is one of the most crucial factors while considering shipping service. This is the reason why Polo 4PL provides insurance for every good that makes its way to our facilities. This not just provides our clients with surety of secure finances but also with a piece of mind.


We know that from the time your cargo hits the road or sea, till it reaches its destination, how restless an owner becomes. Considering this concern of the owners we provide live tracking of every client, where it is reflected what is the exact location of your product and till when you can expect the delivery. Additionally, suppose you find anything unusual in the pattern of how your cargo is moving. In that case, you can immediately report it to our customer support team, who can transfer the issue forward to the concerned authorities.

Good track record with positive review

Most of the customers consider “a good track record” as the reflection of the reliability of a shipping company. We proudly present the reviews of our customers in front of our potential clients as we don’t remember if anything negative has ever been written about us on any platform. We are fully transparent about our accomplishments, historical performances, and past projects.

Area covered

From California to Texas, not even a single state that falls under the USA that is not covered by us. We are present in all the 48 states of the country and have also established a strong network of trucks and shipment facilities that easily move the logistics in and out of every state.

Customer Service

Polo 4PL is a logistic company with whom you can easily get hold of on phone as well as email. A single point of contact makes it easier for our clients to have one on one conversations with our customer executives in order and get a proper resolution for their problem. Our customer service representative may also connect you with our senior authorities if required.


Polo 4PL’s main hub is located in Compton, California, the center of California freight. Being in the heart of the transportation industry in CA, this allows us to handle any customer freight at the fastest pace possible. Our team at Polo 4PL in Compton, CA has everything calculated to meet all sensitive time freight needs. Being only a few minutes away from one of the largest ports in the nation to California’s main distribution city, we will get at freight due dates met.
Our central hub is located in the state of California, in Compton, which is also known as the center of California freight. Since we are located in the heart of the transportation industry in CA, we can handle every customer freight at the fastest speed possible. Our team at Polo 4PL, situated in the city, ensures a proper calculation and analysis of the requirements of sensitive time freight. The largest port in the nation is located just a few minutes from the company’s primary hub, and the freights are delivered within the promised time.
Since the port is located so close to our facility, it further provides the clients with extra savings of funds. How? Well, in order to carry the cargo from the port to storage houses, there is a requirement for OTR trucks, and the customer ultimately pays the overall bill. Hence, the fuel and other charges can easily be avoided by opting for a company near the port.

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At Polo 4PL, we bring more than 15 years of expertise in providing elevated service to our customers.

Our goal is to cultivate lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, ensuring we meet the service expectations and capacity requirements of our shippers, manufacturers, importers, and exporters.

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