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Technology Overview

Your logistics and transportation business will be supported by Polo 4PL’s advanced, best in-class technology that uses data-driven decision-making to simplify and boost your business.

Whether you are a carrier, shipper, or managed transportation consumer, we offer the latest technology at Polo 4PL.

Our robust and effective transportation management system (TMS) uses machine learning, advanced AI, and load matching algorithms. With our technology, you can deploy new capabilities and integrate the TMS with your carrier, shipper, or 3rd-party systems.
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TMS for Shippers

Our advanced TMS will help shippers with business intelligence, total visibility, and optimised routing. Shippers have the ability to make the most effective decisions quickly to boost operations.

E-commerce Integration

Polo 4PL will let you offer great online shipping through integration with the top e-commerce shopping carts at industry-leading LTL rates.
Polo 4PL delivery
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Enterprise Integration

You can integrate your ERP with Polo 4PL’s advanced TMS and boost the efficiency and management of your daily operations.

TMS for Agents

The TMS is available for freight agents who can add control tower visibility to their logistic and transportation operations and meet customer needs with accuracy, agility, and efficiency.
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Developer Portal

The portal has documentation, sample codes, and other resources to assist our clients’ development teams in integrating their ERP and products with our advanced TMS.

Carrier Portal

The carrier portal boosts collaboration between vendors and carriers. It helps bridge the gap between communication and performance.
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