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A business often wants its cargo to be stored in a safe and secure place; holding such cargo is known as warehousing. Only some shipping companies provide a facility for such storage along with shipment, and in other scenarios clients must arrange it from a different service. This leads to much extra effort and time and is quite exhausting.
So, what’s the solution to this problem? Easy, hire Polo 4PL. Our warehouses are the perfect place to hold your cargo until the next step is processed. We won’t leave you wondering where to store your products once they reach their destination.
We have storage facilities for all types of cargo, and our units are fitted with equipment that creates favorable conditions for them. You could either amalgamate this service along with the shipping process or can opt for it separately, depending on your needs and wants.
Polo 4PL warehousing


Whatever may be your requirement, Polo 4PL is ready to serve you, our services include:

B2B Fulfillment

Have a wholesale or manufacturing business and want to ship your products to another company or retailer? Don’t worry, and we got your back. Polo 4PL provides a top-notch B2B fulfillment, perfect for any business in the textile, medical, or grocery industry. Our shipping experts ensure that your products are effectively delivered to your desired company.

B2C Fulfillment

We even offer fulfillment services for the B2C process, which is often thought of as eCommerce fulfillment, where the products are delivered directly to the retail customer. These types of orders generally come from an online store or eCommerce platform. Orders are primarily concluded in comparatively less time than the B2B fulfillment as the packages are relatively more minor and easier to handle.

Dedicated Warehousing

These types of warehousing are arranged when the client wants a specific warehouse all for himself. Customers often demand this when they fear their cargo getting mixed with other businesses’ products. Although this service costs a bit more than shared warehousing, Polo 4PL still ensures that it is affordable by eliminating unnecessary charges.

Custom Packaging

With Polo 4PL, get your cargo packed according to your preferences. Being a customer-centric organization, we ensure that all needs of our clients are met. You can also opt for heat-shrink or stretch wrapping.

(FTL, LTL & Drayage) Freight Transportation

Polo 4PL provides the transportation of the cargo through road, depending upon the distance of the destination. Whether you want an FTL, LTL, or Drayage service, every service is available at Polo 4PL, and you are just required to discuss your preference with us.

Refrigerate, Chilled & Frozen Warehouse Capacity

Often owners are worried about the storage of items that tend to go wrong if not kept under favorable conditions. For perishable products, Polo 4PL is equipped with dedicated warehouses that maintain the perfect conditions to keep your products fresh for long hours.

Cross Docking

We also provide you with the option of cross-docking, under which the need to hold inventory is virtually eliminated. We ensure that your product spends minimum or even no time in the warehouse, making the shipment much quicker.

Retail Distribution

Polo 4PL will help you distribute your products directly to the end consumer. Regardless of whether our client is a wholesaler or manufacturer, we ensure that products reach directly the consumer they are meant to reach.

Pallet In, Pallet Out

Sometimes consumers look for traditional pallet-in, pallet-out warehousing. Polo 4PL also provides this service, where the whole pallet is stored in a warehouse, and we also ensure to provide you with straightforward execution and pricing.

Dedicated vs Multiclient Warehousing

Dedicated and multiclient warehousing are among the most popular ones, but which would be the best for your cargo? Look at the comparison below and decide for yourself.

Dedicated Warehousing

Multi Client Warehousing

Here dedicated warehousing will have an advantage over multi-client as there will be less occupancy, and the whole warehouse will be available for only one client.
Often these types of warehouses are already preoccupied with the number of clients, and you will only be provided with a specific space for your cargo. (Don’t worry; the space will be according to your cargo, and you won’t have to make any type of adjustment.)
The size of the warehouse may vary according to location.
The size of the warehouse may vary according to location.
Agreement Length
General agreement could be anywhere in between 2 to 5 years.
Agreement could be anywhere from 2 months to 2 years.
For startups, a dedicated warehouse would not be the best option as it tends to be on the costlier side.
Probably the best warehouse service for startups as the cost is distributed among various clients, and not just one party has to bear the burden.
Fulfillment Capabilities
Since this warehousing is solely dedicated to one company, the fulfillment capability is slightly high.
Although this warehousing is slightly low in capability, it is still very efficient.
Temperature Options
Under this option the temperature would be entirely controlled according to your product.
The temperature would be maintained according to all the products stored in the warehouse. (Since a single Polo 4PL warehouse contains the product of a specific category, the temperature is not an issue)
Equipped with all the modern technology required for typical warehousing.
These warehouses at Polo 4PL are also equipped with all the technology required.
Typical Company Size
Perfect for the bigger organization.
Best option for startups.

Customer Service

An excellent customer service is ensured for every Polo 4PL clients, which includes the two major elements:


An efficient tracking option is provided to the clients so that they can be aware what's the status of their shipment. Polo 4PL ensures not just to deliver brilliant shipping service but also peace of mind.


Full control of the service is provided to the client, who customizes each and every service provided by Polo 4PL, hence, ensuring the personalization of all the services.

Why Choose Polo 4PL

Choosing Polo 4PL will provide you with the following advantages

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