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What Types of Freight Can You Ship by Rail?

Did you know 40% of America’s Freight is moved through railroads?

When it comes to shipping by railroads, you can move pretty much any kind of cargo. Moving freight through rail is easy and effective, making it a pretty good option for transporting goods nationwide. 

The primary consignment class recommended for getting shipped through railroads includes automobiles, steel pallets, and oversized loads. Other products that must be shipped at a particular temperature are also eligible for rail freight shipment. 

Choosing the right transportation company is a must to ensure that your goods reach your desired location without any delays. Companies like Polo 4PL ensure to deliver the products to the desired location flawlessly. They provide high-quality, consistent methods on forming the ideal strategy per the customer’s demand. 

There are many aspects of rail freight transportation, and it is crucial to understand them all to utilize them to their full potential. Let’s get to know about rail freight transportation in detail:

What is rail freight transportation?

Railways generally offer three kinds of freight services: intermodal, and unit trains. 

Units are specially designed trains dedicated to shipping individual cargo in bulk like oil, grain, coal, etc. Intermodal trains usually carry two products: transporting containers or road trailers. The intermodal traffic is further divided into trains that function in a particular shuttle pattern, like trains that get joined or separated at stations, more or less like carload freight traffic. 

Customers are free to choose their preference; if unsure, they may contact the experts at Polo 4PL to help them out. 

Railway transport: Freight trains and containers

A cargo train, freight train, or goods train is a collection of freight cars hauled by a single or multiple locomotives on the railways. These trains transport products to the final or in-between destinations as a segment of the logistics chain. Trains may trail intermodal containers, bulk materials, freights with special requirements, etc., in specifically designed cars. 

Why you should be using railway transport?

There is many advantages that railway transportations can offer you; let’s check them out:

High-level security

The container shipped through rail freights has a relatively rare chance of getting stolen. It becomes quite challenging for the criminals to get near the train and unload the cargo shipped in the rail wagon container. 

Multimodal capability

The trails and containers utilized are compatible with rail and road freightage- often acknowledged as multimodal transport. This means there’s no requirement for unloading or loading the trailer at the point of transit. The container is perfectly appropriate to be lifted and get interchanged between trains and trucks as required. Polo 4PL also offers a desired capacity container or trailer, where you share the space with other customers. 


Unlike road transportation, trains are not vulnerable to traffic jams; while slight delays occasionally occur, these freights are much more punctual than others.

When to choose rail transportation?

Choosing rail transportation is not just lighter on your pocket but is also helpful in creating a sustainable environment; let’s understand how:

Efficient and Economical

Rail shipment is exceptionally efficient for long-distance transportation as a single driver can move multiple containers with fewer stoppages. 

Freight rates are relatively cheaper 

Clients who opt for railway transportation for long routes take away a lot of burden from their pockets. Rail has lesser fuel costs when compared to shipment through roads, especially if the load is in bulk. Railways also have less cost associated with the train operators and a lower risk of misfortunes. Further, collisions are almost out of the question.

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