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All of us know the struggle of storing products before you transport them. Not all warehousing places are well-equipped and as a really busy city, New York faces the struggle for quality storage. That’s why more and more businesses seek reliable partners with cutting-edge technology systems to team up with. If you are one of them, continue reading the article and get to know more about Polo 4PL and New York warehousing and storage opportunities.

Warehousing and Storage

We understand your struggle to locate the precise type of storage facility for your assets without causing harm to them. That’s why we have integrated cutting-edge technology and efficient storage solutions to ensure a secure environment for your load. Moreover, we offer cost-effective solutions that can help you save money on your warehousing and storage needs.
In short, the adaptability of our services is what we appreciate most. We offer cross-docking, palletizing, and short-term and long-term storage in addition to those services. Because we are conscious of our customers’ challenges to maintain the quality of their products, we have equipped our facilities with the best storage solutions employing cutting-edge technologies.
Simply put your trust in us, and we’ll keep your items in capable hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Fulfillment Services & Kitting

Controlling your supply chain is a constant challenge, which is something we completely understand. To help you optimize the supply chain, Polo 4PL launched fulfillment services and kitting. Our current fulfillment offers include:


With the use of state-of-the-art technology and the experience of our staff, Polo 4PL oversees the entire transportation process and guarantees that your products arrive at a reliable time and without damage. Just contact us and let us organize every step from handling everything, from selection to delivery.


Polo 4PL offers packaging services so that your load is transported without damage. Our staff is trained to pack nearly all sizes and weights. Given the load material, the packing service differs thus enabling a customized delivery time and price list.


Not only do we offer shipping services, but we also reduce extra expenses for all businesses. We manage the loads quickly and affordably using our network and the assistance of dependable carriers as partners.


Polo 4PL provides kitting and fulfillment services in order to efficiently manage the goods. We take care of combining various components to produce an original product. This is an excellent strategy for giving your customers a unique, tailored set of products that meets their needs.


Along with short and long-term storage options, we offer cross-docking services that can help you move products quickly and effectively between modes of transportation. The most recent software and technological innovations are installed in our warehouses, allowing us to keep the load while also checking its status and quantity.
The best customer service is one of the perks of working with us, and we are by your side at all times. Simply get in touch with us to free up your schedule and preserve more time for your company’s growth.

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