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Brokerage Services

Los Angeles, CA, is the largest port in the United States. Coordination is the most crucial factor in Los Angeles, CA. This is where a freight broker comes to the rescue of product-based companies.
A freight broker could be considered a middleman that connects shippers with carriers. The brokers do not take possession of the logistics. Instead, they establish communication between the pages and the shippers. When streamlined communication is established, safe and secure arrival of freight is ensured, and that too on time.
Our Team at Polo 4PL has perfected the above elements and beyond for every customer who needs freight import and export in CA. Being located only a few miles away from the major port enables our team to have the quickest response time with the ports, to warehousing, then OTR. We do a proper analysis of every shipment to tackle any competition when we are considering Los Angeles, CA. With calculated port picks up to the final mile delivery, Polo 4PL establishes every possible scenario that can defeat time. Our team is connected to the customer 24/7 to abide by the significant deadlines.
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Shipping Solutions 

Along with providing an excellent logistics brokerage, various other shipping solutions are provided by us. Let’s discuss all of them in detail and help you to have a better understanding of each of them:


Want to get your cargo shipped in a rigid, sealed, and secure metal box? No problem; we at Polo 4PL are equipped with containers that can tackle the pressure faced during transportation, causing negligible damage to your goods.


Once goods are delivered or ready to be shipped, you always require some storage facility to store your cargo safely. If you do not have such facilities, there are huge chances that your goods might face some damage. Polo 4PL has the solution for this problem too. You can opt for our warehousing service, where we store your goods in a proper arrangement and also make sure that appropriate conditions are maintained to ensure the longevity of your interests.

Airport pick-ups

Since we are equipped with one the largest networks of trucks in the USA, we can directly pick up or drop off your products from the airports or nearly any other specific location of your preference.

Export & import

Whether you want your cargo to move in or out of Los Angeles, CA, Polo 4PL always stands by your side. Depending on the product's cubic measurement, total weight, and packing sizes, various shipping methods are utilized for a particular assignment.

Access to all major ports

All the major ports in all 48 states are covered by our services. So, Whether you want to import or export cargo from the port of Los Angeles or your shipment's desired delivery location is Los Angeles, CA port, we never refuse to execute any assignment.

OTR to any 48 States

It is practically impossible to ship goods through waterways to land-locked states. Also, the final destination of any shipment is never a port, and OTR is always a requirement in order to make the product reach its final destination. Since we successfully established one of the most extensive networks of trucks in the USA, your cargo can quickly be delivered to any part of the USA, regardless of how remote that location is.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment demands the utilization of special tools and skills throughout the process of loading, unloading, and shipping. Additionally, the top-quality packing material is utilized in order to secure your equipment further. Human resources must be very cautious while making this process possible, as even the slightest mistake could cause fatal accidents. When you hire Polo 4PL, we ensure to follow all the norms.

Oversize Loads

Oversize loads exceed the typical or standard weight that a truck or any other shipment vehicle can generally convey. We ensure to make special arrangements for such transportations in order to have a successful delivery. If required, we also have our hands-on equipment which can help us dismantle and ship the products in parts. A proper analysis is carried out by our experts in order to ensure which vehicle would be perfect for this category of shipping.

Why Polo 4pl Logistics Is The Right Freight Broker For You

At Polo 4PL, we collaborate with our clients in a manner that helps minimize empty miles and provide consistent, dedicated, high-quality freight handling which will boost both the productivity and profitability of our client’s business.
Various factors make Polo 4PL an ideal freight broker; these factors include:

FMCSA license

This is the first and the most crucial factor that makes us the perfect choice. Our license possession proves that we comply with the strict criteria implied by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This guarantees our clients that they are protected from any fraudulent actions that a broker could perform.


A technically advanced company thrives in every field, and Freight Brokerage is no different. Polo 4PL utilizes adequate technology that abides not just by the current technology needs but also can be in pace with the technical requirement of the coming five years. We ensure to include both the latest software and hardware in our system.

Modes of transportation and related services

Our services are not just limited to truckload motor carriers. We provide our users with a wide variety of options like LTL, Ocean Freight, and several other modes that offer our customers a backup in case the chosen method is unavailable.

Insurance and claim assistance

We provide our clients with insurance on their goods and also assist them with the process of paperwork in case the situation for a claim arises. This helps our clients save time while they are making up for the damages or misplaced shipments.

Freight tracking

Our services are entirely transparent, and live monitoring is provided to our customers. This helps our customers to instantly address an issue like delays etc., and make us aware of that so that we can provide an immediate solution.

All these factors together help our customers get rid of empty miles, ultimately boosting their profitability and productivity for the business.

Innovative Broker Services

You are provided with various modes to choose from while carrying out your shipment. Let’s have a look at all of them:

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Whether you want to transport just one box or your cargo does not require the total capacity of the truck, we will make sure you pay only for the space your products actually use. LTL services club you with other clients where you both share the same truck, which cuts the shipment cost for both of you.

Dry Van

If your shipment includes products that may have the risk of getting damaged from outside elements, we will ensure to ship such products in a dry van. A dry van keeps every element of nature, i.e., air, moisture, heat, etc., from reaching your goods and ensuring their quality is maintained.

Full-Truckload (FTL)

FTL is used when the client's shipment requires the truck's total capacity or the customer wants exclusivity for his products. If you are still trying to decide which one to opt, LTL, or FTL, don't worry. Our experts will help you decide which service is best suited for you.

Temperature Controlled

Often, goods, especially food products, require temperature logging in order to prevent them from getting blemished. Hence, Polo 4PL ensures to fit all the trucks with equipment to maintain temperature, and also constant monitoring is ensured in order to prevent any fault.


These vehicles are used to transport heavy and oversized loads. The flat and even surface of the truck provides the goods with extra stability, which eliminates any chances of damage.

Dedicated Capacity

When you opt for our services, a capacity is reserved solely for your products in order to prevent them from getting mixed up with the cargo of other companies.


One thing that Polo 4PL never compromises with is punctuality. If your product is promised to be delivered on a specific date, we always try to match the deadlines. Our deliveries can be early, but being late is never an option.


Since this shipment requires various transportation methods, we assure to keep a close eye on every step of the process. We at Polo 4PL are aware that chances of inaccuracy take a rise while performing intermodal; hence, we remain extra cautious during these kinds of shipments.

Freight Broker Service That Adapts To Your Business 

Our brokerage division has access to the largest network of trucks around to get your truck loads delivered anywhere in the US.
Our brokerage division has possession of one of the largest truck chains in the USA, making every city quite easily accessible. No matter how many projects we encounter at once, our largest truck network makes it possible to always ensure the availability of trucks for our clients.
Additionally, our services are highly flexible and quickly adapt according to the needs of our clients, for example: If you are trying to ship medical products like medicines, supplements, etc., we will ensure to provide you with reefer trucks for your product as they are fitted with cooling equipment which provide the proper conditioning for the medicines to sustain their affectability.


When it comes to Los Angeles, California, it is hard to pin down just a few top industries for the region. This city offers a vast economic innovation environment allowing many companies to thrive and grow.
These companies often require logistics or shipping companies to deliver their products to customers located within the state or country’s boundaries. But one should not get overwhelmed by the number of options available in the market as other companies claim we ensure to deliver. The growing demand in Los Angeles can take advantage of our quality. Our reliability is reflected in the reviews we received from the customers who were pleased with our services.
Our dedicated staff, 24/7 customer support, advanced technology, affordable pricing, and variety in the mode of transportation help thriving companies carry out their shipping in a streamlined manner. This gives them extra time, which they can utilize to focus more on other crucial aspects of the business.

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