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Logistics Companies in New Jersey

The number of logistic companies in New Jersey grows by the day, creating fierce competition among them. The region offers several advantages to such businesses, making it an ideal location for their expansion. Not only is New Jersey located near major US cities such as New York and Philadelphia, increasing transportation accessibility but also it is home to several major ports and airports that make it way easier for companies to operate fast and effectively.
However, the wide range of companies makes it difficult for customers to choose one as a partner. You must first investigate their reputation, select some “key features,” and create a “desired factors” checklist. How? Let’s find out together.

How to Choose the Best Logistic Company in New Jersey?

As previously stated, it is difficult to find a trustworthy local company with whom you can begin cooperating and trusting your product transportation. However, given their reputation and the services they provide, there are some factors you can consider when selecting one. So, to keep it brief and focused, let’s get into some specifics.


First and foremost important factor during the team-up process is the pricing the logistics company offers. You are to consider the specialized offers from the other part and match them to your goals.


Consider your partner's restrictions (aside from federal ones) and whether they will interfere with smooth transportation.


It is critical that the company with which you collaborate has the specific specializations you require. One company typically specializes in no more than three industries, so you must be a perfect match. It will assist you in effectively filtering local companies and will make the pickup process easier.

Number Of Payment Options

It is beneficial to work with a company that provides multiple payment options (including cash and cashless) so that you can opt out of the collaboration without fear of any force majeure complications.

Customer Service

What could be more crucial for a company than a satisfied client? Look for a logistics provider who provides excellent customer service, is concerned about your products, and responds to your suggestions and issues in a timely manner.

We Provide High-quality Services

So, have you created a checklist? Stick to a few “key points” that you value the most, and we’ll introduce you to a company that meets all of your above-mentioned criteria and provides you with a top-notch range of services.


We provide drayage services to our customers, allowing them to benefit from lower costs and higher productivity meanwhile allowing them to focus on expanding their businesses.


To provide secure and effective storage options for our customers' goods, we offer comprehensive warehousing services. You can rely on us to store your valuable assets with the utmost care and professionalism.


We provide trustable Over-the-Road (OTR) transportation services to our clients, ensuring the timely and safe delivery of their cargo to locations across the country.


We offer our customers expert brokerage services as well as customized logistics solutions for their shipping needs. Our experienced team collaborates with a large network of carriers to obtain the best rates and transit times for each shipment.

Cross Docking

Polo 4PL as a leading company in logistics, provides cross-docking services to clients that are quick, easy, and optimize the movement of goods between modes of transportation.


We offer palletizing services, which imply simply putting products on pallets for a safe and secure storage in addition to shipping.


Through our dependable and flexible redelivery services, we currently provide prompt and efficient transportation of packages that require additional delivery attempts due to any difficulties getting to the client.

Local Pickups

Customers can choose the location and time that is most convenient for them to pick up their packages using our flexible local pickup solutions.

Why Choose Polo 4PL?

If you’ve made it this far, allow us to introduce you to some specifics you’ll appreciate while working with us.
To begin with, we have a qualified team of specialists with enhanced soft and hard skills who strive to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, providing comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes.
We have a large carrier network that allows us to arrange freight forwarding warehousing, intermodal, drayage, expedited, intrastate, and interstate services, all in a timely and efficient manner. We make every effort to provide our services with a customized price list that meets your needs and objectives.
Finally, we have the most caring customer service team available to listen to and resolve any issues that may arise during your collaboration with us. We care about your products as much as we care about ours, and more importantly, we keep in touch with you throughout the whole transportation process.

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Rated one of the best service providers for shipping, transportation, and logistics requirements. We provide high-quality services in each sector including Warehousing, Drayage, OTR, Brokerage, Finance, etc.

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