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7 Best Practices for Food Transportation – Polo 4PL

Food transportation is the process on which the entire food industry is heavily dependent. The transportation of food is a heavily dependent industry. If not executed properly, it may cause spoilage of cargo and can cause immense loss of profits. It is critical to maintain the safety of edibles in the food manufacturing industry, as most of the comestible products are stale in nature. The logistic companies keep the consumable industry flowing by continuously moving edibles from the producers to the retailers and finally to the consumer. Almost the entire food industry relies on them. 

However, when it comes to the shipping of food, not every company present in the market can be trusted. It is essential to choose a firm that not only delivers your cargo within the promised time but also ensures the safety of your goods.    

Polo 4PL provides all shipping-related services along with warehousing facilities. We are equipped with the latest technology and supply premium quality services at the most affordable price in the market. To learn more about our technology solutions and services for retailers, visit our official website.  

Several crucial steps are taken by Polo 4PL to ensure proper transfer of these products. 

Let’s take a look at what all safety measure Polo 4PL takes in order to ensure the perfect execution of the food transportation process.  

Pre-cooling processes

There’s a huge temperature difference between the factories these foods are prepared and the facilities they are stored in. The sudden temperature change may affect the quality of the food. Polo 4PL ensures pre-cooling all the goods before storing them in a low-temperature environment.   

The prime purpose of pre-cooling is to get rid of the heat the products get infused with during processing. Pre-cooling also helps reduce the fruit respiration rate and extends the storage life of freshly harvested crops.   

Ensure proper loading practices 

Polo 4PL takes precautions to ensure that the edibles do not suffer any damage or spillage. We ensure that not only the proper conditioning is maintained during the storage of your products, but even when they are being loaded for transportation, every crucial measure is taken. We take the following steps to execute the loading process properly:  

  • Parking the transportation vehicle on firm and level ground.  
  • Put the wheels of the vehicles on chocks.   
  • Avoid overloading that may cause miss happenings on the road.   
  • Spread the cargo evenly for proper weight distribution.  
  • Ensuring that all the equipment used is in good working condition. 

Transport temperatures 

While transporting stale products like food, it is crucial to maintain proper conditions throughout the process. Generally, edibles shipping takes place either through a truck or container. Polo 4PL ensures the utilization of special refrigerated trucks to keep a low temperature and consumer graded clean trailers. We ensure the containers are equipped with the right tool to keep the containers coming from overseas at controlled temperatures. 

Procedures / Integrate temperature monitoring device 

Although maintaining a low temperature is crucial in the transportation of food, every consumable product requires different temperatures and conditions to maintain its freshness. Let’s understand this with an example: If the goods include raw elements like vegetables, fruits, etc., the temperature at which they must be stored would be very different from frozen products like sea food or ice cream.   

This is the reason why Polo 4PL integrates special temperature monitoring devices in the storage units and over the road equipment, which maintain the temperature according to the requirement of the goods. Since these machines use the power of AI, the chances of human error are also eliminated.   

Check temperature data 

Although we utilize the latest technology, it doesn’t mean that this efficient machinery is left totally unattained. Our experts analyze the data during and after every shipment to ensure all the equipment are functioning correctly, and if any fault is discovered, immediate actions are taken. Before the shipment is ready to hit the road, the experts check all the devices for proper functionality. 

Monitoring from distribution center to store 

We are aware that a sudden change in the temperature may heavily affect the quality of food products. This is the reason why a constant temperature is maintained from the moment the cargo leave our facilities till they reach the desired destination. Everything is thoroughly monitored, and even the slightest fault raises the alarm, and an immediate message is sent to the concerned team to get it resolved immediately.   

Management systems for yard monitoring

The utilization of the Yard Management System (YMS) by Polo 4PL system ensures the filling of gaps that are faced between transportation and the warehouse. This makes our system more dependable and efficient. This process involves various elements like scheduling, directing, and coordinating assets, such as outbound and inbound trailers, shipments, trucks, personnel, etc., within the dock or yard of the facility. 

The use of YMS by Polo 4PL makes yard monitoring even more effective and eliminates any mix-ups or ill management of logistics. This ensures that every delivery is executed without any faults and that too in the least time possible.   


What is Food and Beverage Logistics? 

Food logistics involves planning, implementing, and controlling various movements of food products, beverages, etc., in a supply chain. 

How do Polo 4PL handle supply chain fluctuations or disruptions?

By ensuring the implementation of a few strategies, Polo 4PL ensures that no chances of supply chain fluctuations are created. These steps include:  

  • Creating an effective plan for any emergency faced during the process.  
  • Auditing the vulnerabilities of the supply chain.  
  • Preparing the inventory according to the needs of the products beforehand  
  • Maintaining transparency with the client. 

How do Polo 4PL ensure the consistency of each load? 

Consistency is maintained by adequately analyzing every load and preparing an efficient strategy beforehand. Some of the scenarios that may affect consistency include; Human errors, no verification process, and planning and driver errors. Polo 4PL eliminates all these situations by implementing a proper plan of action.

How do Polo 4PL comply with food safety regulatory requirements? 

Polo 4PL abides by every regulatory requirement issued by local and international restrictions. A consistent temperature is maintained throughout the process in order to avoid any spoilage of food. Also, proper sanitation is maintained in warehouses and during the shipment of goods.   

To conclude 

You must be more cautious while shipping your food products than any other cargo. Edibles are not only fragile but also have a stale nature, raising the need for shipment to be carried out under particular conditions. Hence, ensure to hire a company like Polo 4PL, as we have all the required equipment that is necessary for the Transportation of consumables and beverages.   

Proper conditions are maintained to ensure that the cargo is delivered to the destination in the same condition as when it was picked up. So, don’t hesitate to fill out the sign form provided on our website to receive your rate quote today. 

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